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Military Trailers & Transporters for Sale

Tank Transporters & Tank Hauling Trailers for Sale

Talbert has supplied many custom trailers for U.S. and foreign military use.  These units require the highest standards of quality:  MIL-I-45208, AWS D1.1 welding, testing, inspection and certification.  The following is a photo gallery of just some of these purpose-built trailers including tank hauling trailers.

Operation Desert Storm, M1A1 Tank Transporters

Nasa, Rocket Segment Trailers

US Navy/DOE, Nuclear Material Trailers

US Navy, Propeller Transporters

US Navy, Submarine Component Transporter

Taiwan Marines, Tank Transporters

United Arab Emirates, Tank Transporters

USAF, Missile Transporters

USAF, Radar Transporters

Vermont National Guard, M1A1 Tank Trailer for Highway Transport